However, in each Vokabeln, nouns stressed on other than the first syllable the general rule in German are indicated by bolding of the stressed syllable e. For a quick listing of similarities and differences between English and German, read the Introduction to Level I. Study material Lernen in English and German to present lists of conceptually related words.

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The pronunciation guide can only closely, not exactly, convey how German words should be pronounced. These false friends can be confusing for the beginner. Early lessons have simple sentences because it is assumed that the student's vocabulary is limited. Pronunciation[ edit ] A guide to the pronunciation of German is provided. Be sure to learn—commit to memory—all of the vocabulary words in each lesson as they are presented. With a good dictionary or an online translator, an English speaker can usually translate a German sentence close to correctly. The only real difference in the German is that the verb is moved forward in the sentence. For any level selected, each lesson should be read thoroughly and mastered before moving on. Early lessons emphasize conversational subjects and gradually introduce German grammatical concepts and rules.

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Analyze the spoken words carefully. Unfortunately, while German is perhaps the easiest foreign language for angeschaltet English speaker to learn, meanings of words that are spelled similarly are not always identical. However, to accurately speak and understand German, you must learn how each word functions in a sentence. But throughout the text, more complex discourses often as photo captions are included to introduce the student to regular German in use. To the beginner, there will seem to be many words in a German sentence that are out of place or even redundant or unnecessary. For the language s we learn as children, this process is so transparent that we have trouble conceiving of the importance of having a large vocabulary. The Student and the Lesson[ edit ] Each level of the text is designed to constitute a course of study in the German language.

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